Online and Live Coaching Programs Available
Online and LiveCoaching Programs Available

virtual and live Lessons










  • Frustrated with getting the same results day after day in the arena
  • Finding hacking out difficult
  • Experiencing separation anxiety
  • Tired of being late because your horse won't load
  • Struggling to get the bridle on or apply fly spray
  • Having difficulty picking up feet, giving shots or de-worming



  • Come running when called by name
  • Try until he understands your request, on the ground and under saddle
  • Feel and behave relaxed and easy going
  • Make your daily life easier and more enjoyable


Compassionate Horse Click Online Program & Community


The response we’ve received from participants is outstanding as this program has supercharged their progress by providing individualized guidance, feedback, and a safe supportive community of like-minded horse owners with a heart for the horse. 


CLICK HERE to become part of the online program that is positively improving horse/rider relationships!


How it works


  • You will receive one lesson per week complete with videos, pictures, a bit of optional reading, fun exercises and monthly challenges. 
  • You will have access to bonus videos.
  • You have access to and are encouraged to post videos or questions on the private Facebook group at any time to show case your progress and receive feedback from both Melissa and the other amazing students and trainers in the group.
  • You are invited to join a monthly group call. The call is audio/visually recorded for those who can’t attend. This is an invaluable learning experience for us all. We enjoy the opportunity to see how others succeed, improve our eye to training subtleties and enjoy community on our journey. 
  • You will be invited to Bonus calls by guest speakers. 
  • We are excited about the prospect of having you join the Compassionate Horse Click Program!


Virtual and Live Lessons


Enjoy a customized lesson program that starts with an introductory session. In these 45 minutes sessions (1 hour for intros), we review the horse's history, current whole life situation, and riding and/or training goals and discuss a comprehensive questionnaire filled out prior to the lesson. With this in-depth knowledge of the horse and rider's relationship, we create a simple plan that makes it easy for the horse owner to positively succeed with their training. Lesson packages are available to provide continuing guidance, feedback and support as horse owners follow a clear path of shaping behaviors leading to the horse of their dreams. Virtual and Live lessons are a great compliment to the Compassionate Horse Click Online Program. 


Training Board Membership


Horse happiness behavior and training solutions for horses that live on property in an all-inclusive life changing program. This program fosters joy and provides effective training and behavior modifications to best match the horse's ability with the owner's desires. 

"You can have help with your horse no matter where you live!"


Horse behavior specialist, Melissa Deal, specializes in helping you overcome horse behavior challenges to develop a happy, secure connection and the relationship that you've always dreamt of experiencing with your horse.


Through my Virtual Coaching Programs, as a Connection Training Coach, I offer people and horses all over the world training solutions that are effective, easy to learn and most importantly, fun! Whether you want to feel safer, handle your horse with more ease, improve your horse's riding performance or teach your horse to do tricks that will blow your friends away, I will meet you and your horse where you are and help you take your relationship to the next level.


Virtual coaching helps you more deeply connect with your horse creating behaviors that address and solve challenges that you and your horse currently face. Coaching via phone, video, and/or Skype provides customized and compassionate training guidance to help you enjoy your horse safely and confidently. WANT TO FEEL LIKE A GIRL WHO SIMPLY LOVES HORSES, AGAIN? Sign up for a Capture the Connection Coaching Program and begin interacting with your horse in a fascinating and effective way!

Connection Training Coach, ARIA Certified Instructor, USDF Bronze Medalist

Schedule your virtual or live intro session with horse behavior expert, Melissa Deal, and experience how to bond more intimately with your horse.


You are warmly invited to Coastal Carolina  Compassionate Equestrian gatherings held monthly in the Wilmington NC / Burgaw NC area. Request to join the FB group or contact Melissa for more info.

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