Online and Live Coaching Programs Available
Online and LiveCoaching Programs Available

 Let's connect! Contact me for a free consultation or to schedule lessons or coaching. Traditional or Positive Reinforcement Training. Begin living your equestrian dream today. 


Coaching that will deepen your understanding of  horse behavior , improve performance and bring harmony to the relationship that you treasure. 



meet melissa

Share her heart, her mission, and her passion for helping you. See credentials and experience.





Hear from women that love and enjoy learning to connect with their horses like never before. 



               inspiring women to enjoy their horses through compassionate training...                        WELCOME TO vICTORY LAND DRESSAGE 

Our mission is to enhance the lives and soothe the souls of horses and the women who love them through compassionate education and training. Via positive reinforcement in

We encourage riders to have confidence in their own abilities. Gain greater understanding and heart connection to your horse in a welcoming supportive atmosphere. All disciplines welcome.

Victory Land is a state of thoughtful being - a place that any rider may choose to journey with a horse.  The only requirement is a heart that seeks to honor the horse above all other equestrian endeavors.


We too are passionate about our relationship with each horse that we encounter.  We consider it a privileged opportunity to help riders and horses find greater joy in their lives together.  Like you, we know the importance of happy, sound horses, safe interactions, and kind, yet effective training for horse and rider.


Riders and handlers can learn much from horses, when we are listening.  It is our role at Victory Land Dressage to facilitate that learning, while honing the rider's skills and allowing them to develop the potential of both themselves and their horses more fully.  We find immense joy in helping riders recognize the unique gifts that they can bring to their horses; and in doing so, our lives are ever enriched.


We invite you to share perspectives and experiences as you journey to explore the mind, body, and soul of your horse with us.  By respecting your ideas, refining your techniques and compassionately developing your horses' abilities, you will find that your very own victory awaits.


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