Clicker Training Virtual and Live Lesson Programs Available
Clicker Training Virtual and Live Lesson Programs Available

virtual and live coaching and training


Frustrated with getting the same results day after day in the arena?

Finding hacking out difficult? Experiencing separation anxiety?

TIred of being late because your horse won't load easily?

Struggling to get the bridle on or apply fly spray?

Having difficulty picking up feet, giving shots or de-worming?



Come running when called by name?

Try until he understands your request, no matter what?

Is he relaxed and easy going?

Make your daily life easier?


Training: Full and Partial Training Board Available. Contact me details 910-417-5445.

Coaching Programs-

                        Capture the Connection Horse Happiness

                                                     Behavior and Training Solutions


Feel like a kid again as your horse bonds with you through positive reinforcement training and the behavior shaping activities that you will learn through virtual coaching with me. Build confidence, trust and have fun as you truly become your horses's BFF! 


Intro Session $75.00 must be used within 2 weeks of purchase.



Successful Start (10 week program, 5 sessions live virtual or a combination, over a 10 week period) $325.00 must be used within 12 weeks of purchase.


Committed to Connecting (20 week program, 10 sessions live virtual or a combination, Compassionate Horse Clicks Face Book Support Group, Monthly Group Call, Video Access/ Support) $997.00 must be used within 18 weeks of purchase. 



Horse behavior expert, Melissa Deal, specializes in helping you overcome horse behavior challenges to develop a happy, secure connection and the relationship that you've always dreamt of experiencing with your horse.


Through my "Capture the Connection" Virtual Coaching Programs, as a Connection Training Coach, I offer people and horses all over the world, training solutions that are effective, easy to learn and most importantly, fun! Whether you want to feel safer, handle your horse with more ease, improve your horse's riding performance or teach your horse to do tricks that will blow your friends away, I will meet you and your horse where you are and help you take your relationship to the next level.


Virtual coaching helps you more deeply connect with your horse creating behaviors that address and solve challenges that you and your horse currently face. Coaching via phone, video, and/or Skype provides customized and compassionate training guidance to help you enjoy your horse safely and confidently. WANT TO FEEL LIKE A GIRL WHO SIMPLY LOVES HORSES, AGAIN? Sign up for a Capture the Connection  Coaching Program and begin interacting with your horse in a fascinating and effective way!

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Connection Training Coach, ARIA Certified Instructor, USDF Bronze Medalist

Schedule your first session with horse behavior expert, Melissa Deal, and experience how to bond more intimately with your horse.


 You are warmly invited to Coastal Carolina   Compassionate Equestrian gatherings held monthly in the Burgaw NC area. Request to join the FB group or contact Melissa for more info.

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