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The Winning Look™ Grooming Clinic:  starts long before the day you need it most! 

***Most Popular Unmounted Clinic***


Part I  Groom for the health and happiness of your horse! Build trust and rapport, making the most of every moment.

Part II  Achieve the winning look with the sensitivity that your horse craves.  Groom like a professional and hone your skills, including hands-on mane and tail techniques.

Success in Motion™  Movement and Biomechanics Clinic:  Explore how to develop your horse while promoting soundness and longevity.  Discuss the science behind these techniques.  Develop a keen awareness of how training affects the horse's health, happiness and physical capabilities.  Uncover how and why correct biomechanical function is crucial to a horse’s ability to perform for you!

The Path to Refined Horsemanship™ Educational Clinic:  Refined/Sport Horse Versatility (RHV/SHV) is an exciting new competitive venue as well as a path of relaxation and improved performance for every day riding!  Gain an understanding of how you can enjoy stewardship, horsemanship and versatility that will stimulate your horse’s mind and body while building his trust in you as his leader.  Discuss and review RHV/SHV training and performance strategies.


Winning Rides Show Preparation Clinic:  Refine your ride at X or anywhere that performance counts!

Part I  Live in the moment as you walk each movement of your Dressage test or RHV/SHV course with a certified instructor. Understand the method behind the required movements and/or obstacles and how to present your horse in a positive light.  If you desire to develop a plan for horse show success, this clinic is for you!


Part II  A horse can only perform what the rider knows and understands!  You and your horse will perform, receive verbal feedback, review and discuss the video and score sheet of your performance.  Take home a strategy for success!


Competitive Edge™  Turnout and Etiquette Clinic:  Winning in life is not all about the ribbons. It is the way that you feel about yourself and your horse that matters most.  You can own that winning feeling!  Topics include impressions on appropriate attire for horse and rider, how and why to present for success in showing, schooling and clinics.  Arrive prepared and look and feel your very best!


Optimal Condition™ Body Condition Score Clinic:  Do you need a simple, definitive method to determine your horses’ current/ideal body condition?  Conformation, hair coat, spring of the rib cage or the dropped back of an older horse can complicate condition evaluation necessary for proper performance, breeding, health care, economics and more.  Become an expert by learning visual and hands on evaluation techniques and have confidence that your horse is in its optimal condition!


The Inner Horse™  Horse Behavior Clinic:  Good fundamentals are a win/win for every horse and rider team!  Building a solid relationship with your horse requires a true comprehension of horse behavior and the ability to help him safely through life.  Make your life easier and your horse happier through a better understanding of horse instincts and behavior.  Consider their natural tendencies as they apply to your daily routine and training.

Ultimate Support™ Bandaging Clinic: 
Your horses’ legs are one of his most vital assets.  Set them up for success!  Discuss and experience bandaging for different occasions including exercise and injury treatments, boots and shipping.


Clinics may be tailored for specific age groups and numbers of participants.

"Whether winning for you and your horse is represented by a quiet moment or a blue ribbon, success begins with a healthy well groomed horse."


Victory Land Dressage and Refined Riding, Melissa Deal, Wilmington/Burgaw NC

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Email us to schedule your first session with Melissa at your farm or ours and experience how to bond more intimately with your horse (money back guarantee on your first session, if not completely satisfied). We can provide a horse at our facility for some learning experiences) depending on your goals. 


What's New?

The gatherings include meet and greet with tasty treats, heart felt discussions and demos and presentations by equine experts! You are warmly invited to the Coastal Carolina Compassionate Equestrian gatherings that are held the Wed evening of each month at 630 PM. Call or text 910-471-5445, or private message Melissa Deal on fb or request to join the group on fb.
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